? CE Seminar and Cook-off
10th Annual OCA CEU Seminar and Cook-off
Thursday March 31st, 2022

Cook-Off Team and Beer Garden Information

We have rescheduled our CEU Seminar and Cook-off for Thursday April 1st, 2021.
All registrations received for 2020 dates will automatically carry over to our new 2021 date.

Non-Adjuster registration is available for Cook-off Teams and Sponsoring companies. The registration fee is $150 per non-adjuster. Registrations can be submitted on our Adjuster Registration page.

$150 BEER GARDEN SPONSOR: 2 Sponsorships; includes company name on event signage & 4 attending registrations. Sponsorship includes beer garden area, bar and bartender. Sponsor can decorate area however they choose. Sponsor must bring their own beer to serve the attendees. Attendee final count will be sent to sponsor 1 week prior to event. Hotel Liability Waiver required. womens-watches.humdental.com womens watches

Beer Garden Sponsors:
Company 1:
Company 2:

$125 COOK-OFF TEAM ENTRANTS: 15 Teams; Teams are comprised of no more than 2 companies; Team members must be company employees, no more than 4 people per team. Registration is not complete until confirmed receipt of: (1) Registration/Entrance Fee, (2) Signed copy of team registration form, (3) Signed copy of Cook Off Rules and (4) Signed copy of Hotel Liability Waiver. Please refer to registration form and rules for more details.

Cook-off Teams:
Company 1:
Company 2:
Company 3:
Company 4:
Company 5: